Why Asking For help Can Save Your Marriage

In my work, the first step happens way before I ever meet with someone. It happens in the private moments when the feeling of pain is overwhelming and intolerable.

Many men I encounter have given up hope. But many of them share one thing in common a deep desire to make things better.

We all face a barrage of messaging that tells us to ask for help makes us weak.
That if we can’t pull ourselves up on our own, we’re flawed.
That if we’re smart enough, determined enough, pray or think positively enough, we shouldn’t need any other “expert” to show us the way.
That “navel gazing” is a waste of time and money.

That even if we know we don’t have the right map to navigate life’s challenges on our own, putting a hand up to ask for guidance means we’ve failed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Putting your hand up and asking for help takes incredible COURAGE.
Admitting you need guidance is BRAVE.
Being vulnerable and sharing yourself honestly with another is a RISK.

Not asking for help is like a Navy Seal, on a mission, discovered and pinned down by gunfire, refusing to radio in his location for the rescue unit.


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