Blue Peak Consulting

Targeting Mental Health at its Source


Hello, I’m Dr. Margaret Gavian and helping First Responders is my passion.

Blue Peak Consulting was founded in 2012 by Dr. Margaret Gavian’s deep desire to better serve those that have experienced significant stressful life experiences from executives and civilians to public safety personnel like firefighters, law enforcement and dispatch. Blue Peak’s mission is to address mental health at its source.

Through professional training, consultation, agency resilience and individualized therapy, Blue Peak provides organizations and individuals with the skills to stay calm, confident and in control. Through offering professional training to providers and public safety agencies, and individual and group approaches to leaders and first responders, BP gets to the heart of the matter efficiently and effectively. Addressing stress, trauma and other life challenges at their source with compassion and practical solutions.

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our mission

To target Mental Health at its Source. Through professional training, consultation, and therapy, give you the skills and tools to be resilient. To provide whole person care with compassion, help to relieve your stress and give you the confidence to meet life’s challenges.

-Dr. Margaret Gavian, PhD, LP


We’ve created multi-faceted programs with packages tailored to fit the needs of your organization. 

Department Resilience

PAR360 is an online resilience program offering firefighters, chief officers, and their families, resilience training and consultation to all members in that department.

(LEO version coming soon.)


Blue Peak Provides individual therapy and group support for first responders who are dealing with a variety of challenges.


Access Blue Peak’s Resilience Training Modules here.