2x the rate of alcohol problems

4x the rate of PTSD

8x the rate of depression

18x the rate of anxiety


suicide rates 2x the general population

after a suicide, most chiefs say
"i never saw it coming."

and it isn’t fair…as dedicated and committed as you are, most chiefs:

-are under-resourced and overworked

-don’t have all the tools and training they need

-are under added pressure from above

-feel handcuffed, with little time to address emotional issues of their members

our mission:

-To provide Chiefs an action plan to deal with mental health issues and free up time to allow them to run their department

-to provide emergency response, consultation, and trainings to keep officers and their families mentally healthy, conflict free, and successful on the job

all of this to keep our officers healthy, resilient and serving with meaning and purpose

the 911code4 program

911CODE4 is a yearly subscription program providing emergency response, consultation and training to 911 dispatchers and dispatch supervisors

developed by:

dr. margaret gavian-

-PhD in Psychology with over 15 years working as a therapist

-Worked with men & women in warzones (Israel, Gaza, Kosovo),
FDNY after 9/11, with veterans, first responders, departments,
executives, teachers, refugees, medical centers and in other emergency situations

-Consultant & trainer to community and healthcare organizations

What you get:

1. Online resilience training modules for all department members.

2. Five Training Sessions per year (initial roll out plus 4 special topics)

3. Training & resources for family members.

4. Access to a confidential Facebook page to answer questions, get additional training and learn from others.

5. Chief consultation with a direct line to mental health experts.

6. Chief monthly training conference calls with Dr. Gavian to discuss current law enforcement service issues.

7. List of vetted providers with expertise in first responders.

8. Resources for how to recognize the warning signs in themselves and others.

9. Discounted rate for additional services per request (e.g., mental health check-ups, debriefings).

Avg. costs of not addressing the problem:

One Suicide: $1,329,553

*(Shepard et al, 2015)

Substance Abuse Treatment: $25,000-$60,000

Divorce: $20,000

One Therapy Session: $200

Plus the added emotional and mental toll

risk a lot to save a lot

The risk is minimal and the benefits are immeasurable. The HARBORBLUE program is an invaluable resource to have at your disposal and should be an integral tool in your response against behavioral health issues within your department. 

And let's be honest you have enough on your plate!

You don’t have to fight this fight on your own. Let us be your technical advisor, your mutual aid partner, and together we can contain and control whatever crisis that arises and get your department and crews running like a well oiled machine. 

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us today!

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