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Putting your hand up and asking for help takes incredible COURAGE.

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Blue Peak Consulting, LLC, founded by Margaret Gavian, PhD, LP, offers individual sessions and group classes to men who want to have more passion, connection and excitement in their lives. She offers free consultations, 1 hour assessments, groups and individual one-on-one appointments.

Do You:

Ever feel angry, irritable, confused, or worried and not sure why?

Drink a little more just to take the edge off?

Feel run down or exhausted all the time?

Have difficulty unwinding from work?

Avoid social activities that you used to actually enjoy?

Lose too much time to t.v., online, other mindless distractions?

Question yourself or your decision making at work, on the job, or at home?

Feel deeply committed to doing your best, whether it’s your mission in public service, or to serve your family or your organization?

Stress and Trauma find us, whether we want them to or not. Life is unpredictable and challenges come our way  – whether it’s a death or illness of a loved one, a family situation, a chronically stressful work situation, relationship conflict, stuff we’ve buried from the past, you name it. There are specific skills we can learn to help deal with what we’ve been through, what we’re going through, or to even buffer ourselves against what may happen in the future. 

I offer stress management and resilience classes for:


For First Responders- More first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty. The risk for suicide, PTSD, substance use and divorce is vastly higher for public safety personnel. It doesn’t have to be this way. I offer an 8 week Resilience Class for first responders to learn practical, effective strategies to reduce stress, feel more in control and prevent the job from taking a physical & emotional toll. Classes are routinely offered in departments or in an online format. I am available to do trainings and workshops for departments, offer resilience skills individually and in groups and am working with the Minnesota Fire Initiative to create a more comprehensive system of care for firefighters statewide.

For Organizations- Stress-related disorders are estimated to cause half of all work absences. Work- related stress can also lead to higher rates of accidents, employee turnover and presenteeism. Job Stress carries a price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over $300 billion annually. Happy employees armed with effective preventative stress-reduction strategies enhances job performance & satisfaction, saving organizations money in the long run and creating a positive work environment. Stress Management Classes, Coaching Groups are available.



Private 1:1: Individual coaching and therapy is available to address a wide array of issues including:  Stress / Coping strategies / Relationship issues / Depression / Anxiety / Trauma

You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. Chances are you’re a good person who has stumbled across a challenge that you need some outside tips to deal with. We can work individually on a broad range of issues like sleep, anxiety, anger, post-traumatic stress, depression, lack of motivation, or just generally when you’re not feeling quite like yourself and don’t feel you’re at your best. I’m a practical, no BS kind of person, so it won’t be endless meetings talking about feelings, but rather getting to the heart of the matter and learning specific skills to learn how to make improvements in your relationships, with managing your mood, and performing optimally physically and mentally. Some therapists will give you a chance to just “vent” week to week and never really tackle the issue, not me. We’ll get down to business right away and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with so you can be a better parent, partner, leader, employee or public servant. 



I get a lot of requests from people and organizations that know they want to do more for their organization or employees, but just not sure how. Often a manager or Chief will say “I know the job is stressful, everyone has a lot on their plate, people are having issues. I want to keep them around, but I don’t know how to help them.” Fire Departments in particular will say “We know the issues with firefighter mental health and suicide, can you help our department be proactive about this?”

I love stepping into these situations to offer talks and workshops to teach skills and do a deeper dive into what the obstacles are and what specific strategies can be used to perform more optimally in all areas of their lives. Research actually shows that this helps tremendously with absenteeism, productivity, and organizational bottom line.


Often I get a call from someone who says “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just don’t feel like myself anymore. I can’t figure out why.”

This is often a time when a full assessment can be helpful to determine what is actually going on and make a plan for what to do about it.”