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Helping men is my passion

My name is Margaret Gavian and I am passionate about helping men have more fulfilling, peaceful and connected lives.

A few words about Blue Peak Consulting

Helping Men Achieve Calm, Confidence and Control

I help people feel a renewed sense of energy, motivation and peace within themselves, at home and at work. As a result of working with me, my clients are able to reduce their levels of frustration, irritability/anger, work & family stress. Their relationships improve, as do their symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma.

My clients are primarily men who have experienced trauma or other types of significant stress. Many are veterans, firefighters or other types of first responders. I love working with public servants – all of whom have generous hearts and an incredible work ethic.

I have seen first-hand what happens when loved ones don’t ask for help and don’t address their symptoms. When stress, anxiety, depression and trauma go untreated, they destroy not only the life of the individual who is suffering, but also those around them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Challenges come to us all; it’s a part of the human experience. We react to the things that happen in our lives, sometimes making us behave in ways that we don’t like or that keep us from enjoying life. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are very specific action steps you can take to assist your body & mind in its natural healing process.

I understand first-hand the courage it takes to face fear and vulnerability in order to create massive, positive change. I walk my talk.

My style is practical, solution focused, compassionate and direct. For the last 18 years, I have worked nationally and internationally, with organizational leaders, in healthcare, with husbands, wives, soldiers, veterans, police officers, firefighters and adults with chronic medical conditions. My work has always been to help my clients build their tool box to shift out of pain and practice integrating powerful strategies to change their relationships, work, and quality of life. I founded Blue Peak Consulting, LLC in 2012.

I completed my PhD in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and am a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota. I’m also humbled to serve am Medical Director of the Minnesota Fire Initiative (, leading their emotional wellness programming for the 22,000 firefighters in Minnesota. I completed my training at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis, Hazelden Foundation and community mental health centers focused on delivering evidence-based care. I have extensive experience with a variety of populations who have experienced extreme stress including in Israel, Gaza, Kosovo, with the FDNY after 9/11, refugees, gang members, firefighters & police, school shooting communities, as well as with executives, professionals, teachers and those with a variety of medical conditions. I have held leadership positions in healthcare, designing and delivering care for an urban population and have served as a consultant and trainer to community and healthcare organizations nationwide. I enjoy teaching graduate students at the University of Minnesota and also serve as Faculty for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (, an organization focused on providing resilience skills to professionals and communities affected by stress and trauma.

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